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What We Can Do Together

Your Partner in Preparedness

Trevor partners with prime contractors, organizations, coalitions, and governments to effectively prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters. By integrating expertise gained from more than a decade of preparedness and response leadership with emerging research and best practices from the field, he offers full-spectrum emergency management services designed to meaningfully identify and reduce risk, build prepared teams and organizations, and create the adaptive capacity to navigate any challenges that may come.


  • Hazard, vulnerability, and risk assessments
  • Development of emergency operations/recovery plans
  • Design and delivery of trainings and exercises 
  • Incident response & recovery operations
  • After-action review, lessons learned, and improvement planning 
  • Program/capability development and evaluation
  • Interagency coordination and coalition building
  • Customized services, consulting, and project support (by request)


  • Topic areas: leadership, management, risk, resilience, preparedness, complexity, and decision-making during uncertainty 
  • Emergency Support Function #6 – Mass Care
  • Emergency Support Function #8 – Public Health, Medical, Behavioral Health
  • Emergency Support Function #14 – Volunteer Management
  • Recovery Support Functions: Social & Health Services
  • Incident Command System – Certified Instructor
  • Operations Section Chief (OSC) – Certified Instructor, Type 3 OSC

The Protean Philosophy

Protean Preparedness’s consulting approach is driven by a simple maxim: One cannot predict the future, but you certainly can prepare for it. My approach focuses on collaboratively building systems, partnerships, plans, and teams that are adept at navigating uncertainty and risk regardless of what the future brings.

Let's Prepare Together

Trevor provides a wide range of emergency management services and consultation to prime contractors, organizations, coalitions, and governments. Do you need an experienced team member with a robust academic and practitioner background in disaster preparedness and response? A consultant with practical field experience to ensure you’re really ready for what’s to come? A subject matter expert to evaluate and validate your assessments and plans? Or maybe a coalition builder and champion for your effort?

Let’s explore how we can be partners in preparedness – contact me here.

As an avid instructor, Trevor is always looking for an opportunity to help increase readiness and prepare people for the next disaster. By blending disaster response concepts with academic research, he delivers engaging, innovative, and pragmatic trainings designed to build the essential skills and knowledge to navigate uncertainty, risk, and disasters.

Trevor provides instructor services for Incident Command System 300 & 400 along with Operations Section Chief - Position Specific Training. Additionally, he develops and delivers custom disaster response and preparedness trainings (by request). 

Let’s get people ready together – contact me here.

As a proselytizer of preparedness, Trevor is eager for any opportunity to help others better understand risk, complexity, leadership, communication, disaster preparedness and response, and how to navigate a world full of uncertainty. Preparedness made practical with customized presentations for your team, organization, or event; each presentation integrates both new preparedness research with practical insights from a decade of disaster response. Aside from offering presentations within the topics listed, custom designed talks are available upon request.

Want to bring preparedness to the masses? Contact me here.

Always happy to hear about opportunities to advance preparedness together, Trevor partners with other sub-contractors, prime-contractors, organizations, and coalitions. 

Have an idea of how we could work together? Contact me here.

Did you read through this whole list – feel interested in working together – but not quite sure how or what it would look like? Contact me and let’s talk - I don’t bite.


Reach the pinnacle of preparedness.