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What We Do

Your Partner in Preparedness

For Governments

Protean Preparedness provides full-spectrum emergency management services to governments and prime contractors by integrating expertise gained from a decade of preparedness and response leadership with emerging research and best practices from the field. In addition to emergency management expertise, Protean is experienced with government grants and related requirements including Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) grants, Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) grants, Emergency Management Performance Grants (EMPG), and disaster-specific funding streams.  

Range of consulting services include:

  • Hazard, Vulnerability, and Risk Assessments
  • Development of Emergency Operations/Recovery Plans
  • Design and Delivery of Trainings & Exercises
    • Including Incident Command System and Operations Section Chief Trainings
  • Program Development & Evaluation
  • Interagency Coordination and Coalition Building
  • Incident Response & Recovery Operations

Specific functional areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • Emergency Support Function #6 – Mass Care
  • Emergency Support Function #8 – Public Health, Medical, Behavioral Health
  • Emergency Support Function #14 – Volunteer Management
  • Recovery Support Functions: Social & Health Services
  • Incident Command System – Certified Instructor
  • Operations Section Chief (OSC) – Certified Instructor, Type 3 OSC

Contact us today to explore how Protean can be your partner in preparedness.

Mitigate Risks, Prepare for the Future, Become Adaptable

For Organizations

From power outages to earthquakes, an endless list of hazards threatens your operations, teams, and clients. Protean Preparedness can help organizations by identifying and reducing risks, developing plans to manage emergencies, and increasing your team’s ability to adapt and respond to whatever comes their way. Protean makes preparedness simple through presentations, trainings, and a collaborative consulting approach focused on increasing resilience and adaptability in your organization. Services include:

Business Preparedness Program:

It takes a lot of things going right for business to happen. Do you have a plan for when things eventually go wrong? Together we will prepare your business to withstand and navigate everything from snowstorms to earthquakes. Reach out to learn more about the process and if it is a fit for your organization.


Protean Preparedness offers customized consulting and coaching services related to emergency preparedness, decision-making during risk and uncertainty, and effective management and leadership principles. Contact us today and let’s start the conversation.


Dynamic and engaging personal, employee, and organizational preparedness presentations are available tailored to your audience and event. Custom talks on disaster preparedness and response, decision-making during risk and uncertainty, and leadership during crisis are available by request.


Looking to increase your leaders’ or teams’ ability to adapt and deal with uncertainty? Want to learn leadership principles and management tools that we use to lead teams through disasters? The Protean Toolbox training takes the tools and knowledge from disaster response and teaches attendees how to leverage them in their day to day lives. Contact us to learn more and schedule a training.

Scope of Services

Be Ready—Be Protean


Protean’s consulting approach is driven by a simple maxim: One cannot predict the future, but you certainly can prepare for it. My approach focuses on collaboratively building systems, partnerships, plans, and teams that are adept at navigating uncertainty and risk regardless of what the future brings.


  • Risk assessments
  • Plan development and review
  • Training and exercises, including ICS 300/400 and OSC
  • Program development and evaluation
  • Partnership and coalition building
  • Incident response


  • Business preparedness
  • Employee preparedness
  • Team and leadership coaching
  • Custom consulting services by request 

Preparedness Made Practical


Preparedness made practical with customized presentations for your team, organization, or event. Each presentation integrates both new preparedness research with practical insights from a decade of disaster response. 

Dynamic and engaging presentations available across a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Personal & Organizational Preparedness
  • Leadership & Management: What Leaders Can Learn from Disaster Response
  • Disaster Response Concepts & Topics (custom, by request)

Lessons From The Field


Effective training is the cornerstone of a prepared and capable team. By blending disaster response concepts with academic research, I provide engaging, innovative, and pragmatic trainings designed to build the essential skills and knowledge to navigate uncertainty, risk, and disasters.

Standardized and customized trainings available by request, including:


  • Incident Command System (ICS 300 & 400)
  • Operations Section Chief: Position Specific Training
  • Custom trainings by request


  • The Protean Toolbox – What Leaders Can Learn from Disaster Response
  • Custom trainings by request


Reach the pinnacle of preparedness.